“StatGIS shpk” is a limited liability company registered in the Republic of Kosovo that specializes in customized research and GIS solutions.  “StatGIS shpk” is a successor of “Geographical Information Technologies Kosova shpk (GIT Kosova)”, which operated in Kosovo since 2002. “StatGIS shpk” is a company established and ran by a number of top ranking experts/professionals in areas of GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Cartography, IT, Statistics, Population Studies, Research Methodologies etc.


Today, “StatGIS shpk” has the necessary human resource and infrastructure support to deliver on its commitments. Our understanding of the prerequisite for providing such high quality services calls is blending together the working knowledge of many different disciplines of spatial data processing, engineering, applied sciences, cartography, information systems, and research methodology.

  • Development and maintenance GIS (for both private and public organizations),
  • Mapping and cartography,
  • Digital Orthophoto and Satellite imagery processing,
  • Land Use and Land Cover,
  • Urban Planning,
  • Market Research and Social surveys.
  • GIS database design and development
  • WebGIS applications, etc.

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